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Water Damage Gilbert: The Wraith of the Phoenix Monsoon

Published by 911 Restoration Gilbert on July 22, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration

Just last week in Phoenix monsoon season storms resulted in serious flooding on major roadways. One woman had to be rescued by firefighters when her car was swept into the current of a flash flood. Luckily she is all right, but these types of incidents can happen all too easily during this time of year. Thunderstorm warnings were issued in many nearby areas including Sun City, Paradise Valley and Sun City. These storms, in addition to being dangerous, can cause significant water damage to homes and business throughout the Phoenix region, so it’s best to have the number of a water damage company handy just in case.

Why is a Monsoon Especially Dangerous?

A monsoon like the one that swept through Arizona is especially dangerous because the rainfall comes in various surges instead of one isolated storm. This is why there is such a high risk of flooding. No single storm dumps enough water to be a problem when they continue to happen in close proximity trouble starts to brew. It’s extremely important to pay attention to all official flood advisories, and if you know that a big storm is headed your way it is best to take preventative action.

How Can You Protect Your Property?

There are all sorts of things that you can do to prevent your property from sustaining water damage during monsoon season. The easiest and most obvious place to start is to make sure that your rain gutters are in good shape and are free and clear of debris. Have your roof inspected for weak areas and leaks and make preemptive repairs to avoid bigger trouble down the line. It’s also a good idea to direct your downspouts as far away from your building as possible so that water is moved effectively away from your foundation.

When a flood watch of storm advisory is issued you may want to place a protective barrier of sandbags around your home. This is an especially good idea if the land around the building is sloped downwards toward your foundation. Sand bags may seem like an old-fashioned technique but it’s a tried and true tactic that really goes far in keeping water at bay. City employees will frequently employ this strategy to protect roadways and public buildings.

Having a quality sump pump in your basement is also essential, especially if you are prone to flooding. Make sure that its in good shape and ready to roll should water fight its way into your basement. Even with all of these precautionary measures in place water can still find a way inside.

Know When to Call a Professional

If storm water floods your home it’s best to leave the cleanup and restoration to a quality water damage restoration team. A good crew will extract all of the moisture from the premises and provide any sanitization services that are necessary before moving on to repairs. Check your insurance policy – you may be able to have these services covered, or at least partially covered, so that water repair is within reach when you need it!

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